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What services are available, and for how much?

We are not a bike shop. We will not handle any drop-off repairs. One of the key priorities of the Co-Op is to encourage you to get your hands dirty and learn to work on your own bike. Don’t worry, there are skilled mechanics on hand to show you how. If you ever need help or just some friendly advice, don’t be afraid to ask.

Our current rate for stand time and tool use is $5 per half hour. Parts, both new and used, are either priced on the menu board in the shop or as marked. If there is a question, ask a volunteer.

When you arrive, a volunteer will help you determine what work needs to be done and what parts may be needed in order to fix your bike properly so we can give you a cost estimate before you get to work. If you want to start working on your bike right away but don’t have the cash with you, you can still work on your bike, but we will lock it up at the end of the night and keep it as collateral until you have the funds to cover your project. Any bikes/ projects left over 60 days (without prior arrangements) will be considered abandoned and become property of the co-op.

Yes, we are a non-profit group, but if we let you fix your bike and take it at the end of the night without paying, we won’t be able to keep the Co-Op running.

After your first visit, you’ll be asked to join as a member.

We accept cash, credit or debit (with a signature) or checks from yearly members in good standing.

Do I need to be supervised to work on my bike?

Nope. If you are a co-op member in good standing and know what you are doing, have at it. Just let someone know what you are up to, and when you are through, please let us know so we can check you out and write you a receipt. We also insist you clean and put away any tools you may have used.

Can I buy a complete bike from the Co-Op?

Yes. Unless marked otherwise, every bike is for sale. Some are ready to ride, others are far from it. If you see something you’d like, let us know. All bikes are priced as marked and should include details of what, if any, repairs they need. If you select a bike, we will help you make any repairs it needs. This way, you get a bike at a great cost and learn how to work on it yourself.

What about parts, are they for sale?

As of January 2011, this policy has changed. Parts are not directly for sale. They are to be used as needed for repairs made in-house. We require you to be an annual member in good standing and have the bike with you if you are interested in purchasing parts for it. This helps us determine that you have the correctly functioning and most appropriate part for your application. Parts are for personal projects only and are not to be resold, in whole, or part. If you build up a bike, ride it for a couple months and decide to sell it, that’s not a problem. But over the years, we have seen too many of our parts, bikes, frames, etc. show up on Craigslist or eBay just days later. This is counter-productive of the purpose of the co-op, which wants to see as many people on bikes as possible, in an affordable manner.  We hate that we’ve been put in the position that we even have to say this, but anyone caught violating this policy will have their membership revoked without refund. 

What if I have no money but I need a bike?

If you are in a jam and need a bike for transportation, we can work something out. Whether it’s working hours at the shop to earn credit or just a discount, we’ll find a way. Please see us in person to work out any details.

Can I sell you my bike? Can I sell my bike at the Co-Op on consignment?

Sorry, we’re too poor to purchase bikes and too busy to be selling bikes for others.

Can I trade parts for store credit?

If you are willing to donate parts, we greatly appreciate your help, but trading parts for parts usually results in all the good parts being taken and us left with less-than-great parts. Any parts or stand time and tool use must be paid.

How can I volunteer? I don’t know anything about fixing bikes.

No problem! See our Get Involved page for details.

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