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It’s Cyclocross Season!

November 14, 2011

The daily highs are starting to creep down to the low 80’s which means it’s WINTER! …which means IT”S CYCLOCROSS SEASON! We will be set up at Tampa’s only official cx race, Kelbycross, on Sunday the 27th,  joining in on the fun and helping out where we can.

If you’ve never heard of the sport, it’s a competition involving road bike l00k-a-likes with knobby tires run around a short course(1 mile-ish)  peppered with sections of dirt, asphalt, sand and short (18″) hurdles.  For 30-45 minutes per race, participants do laps on the course- all bent on exhausting themselves while having a great time .  If you just want to come out and watch,  giving the riders positive (or extremely negative) re-enforcement is a pretty great way to spend a couple hours. 

Do you have more questions or want to set up your mountain bike or old hybrid for your first race? Come see us tonight at 6 or Wednesday at 7!  We’ll talk “cross” with you or help you fix whatever bike problem you can throw at us.

In the spirit of the season, we would really like to build up some cyclocross-ready bikes to make it easier for someone to get into the sport. To that end, we will have a tent at the race, collecting old mountain or hybrid bikes and parts to build for intrepid soon to be cyclocross racers.

If you have  parts or frames that you are not using any more, we would love to re-purpose them!  As an added bonus, if you bring them straight to the bike co-op we will give you a FREE FLIER for the kelby cross race.

See you tonight!

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