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Wednesday Night Shuffle

July 7, 2010

Due to the gradually decreasing attendance on Wednesday nights, we are suspending the Wednesday night open work night until September. We’re not sure if it’s the heat, rain, Mike’s bad jokes, or the fact that we’ve repaired every bike in the Tampa Bay area, but we’ve had less than half a dozen people visit in the past three Wednesdays.

Is there a time besides Monday and Wednesday that would work better for you? Contribute your comments in the feedback section below.

Also, if you are interested in working at the coop on Wednesday nights, (or any other night for that matter) drop us a line.  You don’t need a lot of experience with bikes, but you might need some patience.

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  1. justin permalink
    July 19, 2010 10:58 am

    Why not saturday and sunday?I work during the week and am only in tampa on the weekends.

  2. Karen permalink
    August 26, 2010 9:21 am

    Yes, Saturday or Sunday. I’m in St. Pete but I’d be willing to come over for this on Saturday AM…or Sunday.

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