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Everyone please, make your voice be heard on HB971

May 6, 2010

A requirement to Ride in Bike Lanes As explained by our friend Alan Snell of SWIFTBUD , transportation bill (HB 971) adopted last week by the Florida Legislature, includeds a section requiring cyclists to ride in bicycle lanes when they exist. As we know, bicycle lanes, even in St. Petersburg, and throughout the Tampa Bay area are not always the safest place to ride. We, as the cycling community, encourage everyone to call and e-mail the Governor today to request that he vetoes bill (HB 971).

The Governor’s office phone number is (850) 488-7146 and his e-mail address is

Further information can be found at 16.2065(5)(a), F.S.), and the entire bill (HB 971).

There are other problem areas in that bill including permitting drivers with multiple drunk driving convictions to regain their licenses and allowing certain motor vehicles to operate on sidewalks.

While the co-op attempts to steer clear of most political issues, this is one that hits close to home for all of our members. Please, take a few minutes of your day and let your voice be heard.

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