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February 17, 2009

Many people have been asking us, “So when are things really going to get off the ground?!” and others seem frustrated with how static the co-op has become. We ask you not to look at what is almost accomplished, but what we have done so far.  Dozens of people show up every month simply seeking mechanical advice and leave having found a community that they can’t resist coming back to. Though small right now, we will become a bigger more permanent part of the Tampa Bay Area. Thanks to all those so far who have helped along the way, who try to keep things moving, and to those who continue to not give up on us.

February 21st (this Saturday) we will be hosting a work day at the new space. This will be one of the final pushes to get the space done. We need volunteers to help build out shelving/storage for the space and others to simply strip bikes, clean, and sort parts.  The address is 8202 N. Armenia Ave. Unit E Tampa, FL 33604. We will be getting started around 11am and end till we feel satisfied.  Call Lily (813)928-9575 for directions or to see if we are still there.

February 27th is the next Critical Mass that leaves from Lowery Park promptly at 7pm. People have been showing up late and missing the Mass! Please try and be there on time! The more people at this even the more fun it is.

March 2nd is the next co-op meeting. This is still at Transitions Art Gallery until further notice. Please try and make it if you have free hands to help those in need or if you know someone who needs help with a bike. We will be accepting donations (as we do at every meeting) including parts. We will also be selling T-Shirts for $10. 7-10pm.

After many setbacks (life gets in the way sometimes) the space has plans to be done by late next month. We plan on having a big opening and will start using the space immediately so stay posted for further dates.  March will be a very busy month for us and the co-op could use volunteers!

March 14th we will be tabling at the Grassroots Festival/Really Really Free Market. There will be many vendors there with items to give away or trade with others in the community. We need a few people to let people know we are present in the community., sell shirts, and give a workshop.  Hours are from if you can fill any of these hours or if you have any questions!

March 21st there is a bike race in our very own Down Town Tampa! Some of our members will actually be participating in this and we have been asked to table and give tune-up advice to those that need a little grease. Karen Kress at The Tampa Bay Cycle campaign has been a huge supporter of us lately and really wants our presence to be known in the community. Hours needed to fill are from 12-5pm.  

Please email us at if you can fill any of these hours or if you have any questions!

We have pictures from the new space up along with a flyer for the Really Really Free Market.  

Thanks again to all those who have been present and who continue to help us grow. We cherish every donation from bike parts to any amount of time spent sorting parts and educating others.  

In cycling Solidarity,
The Tampa Bay Bike Coop

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