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Tampa Bay Bike Co-Op Update

September 3, 2008


The Critical Mass went great this past August. It was an awesome way to wrap up the month. There were people with really cool anti-car/pro-bicycle signs and a few costumes as well. The more festive the better! We had over 50 people again, but could use more! Keep promoting critical mass.


At the Co-Op on September 1st Landon gave a great workshop on how to make some of your own tools and Sam gave a really thorough workshop on how you can overhaul your hubs to help them run smoothly. Our volunteer mechanics did a great job as always. We couldn’t do any of the work that has been made possible without them. 


At the end of the workshops while people were getting the repairs they needed, we also had an open discussion on the future of the co-op. The discussion was really productive and our vision looks great.


Some general ideas were that once we secure a centrally located permanent space that we keep a shop open at least a few times a week. We will have a place for donations and will probably be selling used parts at set prices to benefit the co-op. Other people want to start rides start showing films related to cycling. There was also talk of doing out reach bicycle workshops/repair sessions to organizations in need around the bay area.


We also have two events coming up that we will need volunteers for.


On October 19th from 11am to 4pm at Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg, we will be hosting two workshops and tabling at the Bicycle Bash by the Bay. This is a great opportunity for outreach. We will need people at the table taking shifts and two people to run the workshops.


In Mid-December, Transitions Art Gallery will be host to an “Art by Cyclists” show that will be a benefit for the Tampa Bay Bicycle Co-Op. We are looking for a few more artists. We will have more information on this event shortly.


 If you are interested in either of these events please contact:


We are working on a message board so everyone can start communicating with each other a little better. If you want to help start any other kind of networking for the co-op or critical mass (myspace, facebook, etc.) please feel free, just email us first.



Thanks for all the support and input.





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