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Next Co-Op September 1st!

August 25, 2008

Hello cyclists and lovers of bicycles!


This summer seemed to have flown by didn’t it? I hope everyone enjoyed time off if they had it and is ready for at least 3 more months of the heat.


Friday, August 29th is the next Critical Mass! Bring out your festive self around 6:30pm to Lowry Park Zoo and get ready for a fun ride. There is no decided route, so if there is anything you might want to try out don’t hesitate to speak up Friday. Let’s hope for no rain.


The next Co-Op meeting is Monday, August 1st. Sam is brewing up a workshop right now and we have room for more if anyone wants to share some knowledge. This meeting will also focus on bringing new ideas to the table. If you have a vision for the co-op share your ideas!


We have had a lot of donations this summer and our mechanics have been a HUGE help. The mechanics at the workshops are there to help you, but the co-op would really like to focus on YOU taking the tools in your own hands and doing it yourself.


Right now we have a lot of goals in mind for the co-op. We are looking for a permanent space in the South Tampa area. A permanent space means that we would have a drop off location for donations (which means more bikes for everyone), a shop open more hours than just once a month, and a safe public place for people in the community. Think of all the ways we could utilize a space! The possibilities are endless. If anyone has connections with the city or otherwise that you think would be of use, please get us in touch.


We need as much help as possible right now be it from bike mechanics willing to lend a little time or a lawyer willing to give us an earful of advice. Keep spreading the word about the co-op and it will keep evolving into something bigger and better.


We have a lot of cool events coming up this year so keep your ears to the ground and your feet in the pedals for us. As always, we appreciate all the support we receive from the community.  

Also check out more pictures from Geek Fest! The event seems to have gone really well and we’re so glad The TBC could help out. Thanks to Mike Weimar for the great opportunity, all the amazing help and time repairing bikes, and for the photos.

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