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July 7th

June 29, 2008

July 7th brings us to the fourth meeting of the Tampa Bike Co-Op. We have been getting more and more support from the Bay Area community which has been amazing. Please keep talking about the co-op and brainstorming anything you want to see happen in the future.

The workshops this month are going to be great.

Everyone will be welcomed to join in as a few members of the community teach us about the game bike polo, and how to make polo mallets. Materials will be provided at a small cost. This should be really fun to learn and watch.

A general “how to” lecture on basic bicycle maintenance will be given which should prove to be useful for new cyclists and old. Hopefully everyone will pick up some new tips.

On July 25th there will be a Tampa Critical Mass. Critical Mass is a fun, free, non-athletic group ride which all are invited to attend. We ride together in a manner that is safe and welcoming to riders of all skill levels. We ride to raise awareness of bikes as traffic, promote all aspects of cycling, build community and celebrate our love of bikes.

We will be learning more about critical mass along with proper behavior and etiquette to conduct during critical mass at the co-op.

The critical mass is meeting on July 25th at 6:30pm at Lowry Park Zoo. For more info check out

We are also planning on having a few bikes for whoever has a free hand to work on. These bikes are not in the greatest condition, but we would really like to see them fixed up (at least ride-able) so we can give them to someone in need.

If anyone has an organization they know of that would be grateful for these donations, or knows someone in need of bicycle transportation please let us know at or speak your mind at the meeting coming up. We hope to make this form of out reach a monthly event, so if anyone has any suggestions, they are appreciated.

Hope to see new and old faces at the next meeting – July 7th – 7pm @ Transitions Art Gallery.

In cycling solidarity,

The Tampa Bike Co-Op

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