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Second Meeting went Great!

May 6, 2008

Hey everyone!


May 5th marked the second meeting for the Tampa Bike Cooperative and it went great. It was fantastic to see new and old faces at Transitions Art Gallery working together to make a better community for bicyclists.


We managed to get two people onto used bicycles, something that is always a goal of the co-op. I hope those people start riding more frequently and continue to care for their bicycles. 


Joe and Sam held a workshop on how to true a bike wheel, which is something that definitely takes time to get good at, but is a very useful skill. It was a great lesson on a common problem that happens to your bike.


Joe and Sam True!


 David held an insightful discussion on bicycle safety and how to safely ride in traffic. It was both informative and for some empowering. Hopefully those who paid attention gained some knowledge from the tips Dave gave and will start riding safely and with confidence.   

Dave - Be Safe!


The next co-op meeting will be on June 2nd again at Transitions Art Gallery. We are still brain storming ideas for a few lessons and maybe some more ideas to help plan the next meet, so please contribute as much as you can and want to.


You don’t HAVE to be a mechanic to teach a workshop – if anyone has knowledge on fixing any part of a bike you can teach a workshop. The more people that participate in the co-op the better, so please don’t be shy about teaching or lending any amount of time that you have, whether that be 10minutes or 3 hours – whether you bring food or donate an old bike part you don’t use anymore. Communicating with each other inside and outside the cooperative is an empowering and helpful resource.


Pictures from the last meeting that Lily took are posted here:


also if you took pictures go ahead and join our Flickr group:


There will also be new flyers/posters available soon and a new PDF of the flyer will be available on this website ASAP – if you want copies of flyers for promotion please let Lily or Dave know at and they will get them to you.


Let people know about the site, hand someone a flyer, let someone that doesn’t have a bike know that the cooperative exists and that they too can be a part of the co-op! Getting new people involved is a huge objective right now and it would be great to have more people promoting something positive in the community.


I hope we can continue the momentum the cooperative is gaining and can’t wait till the next month! Everyone is giving so much and doing a great job. Keep it up!

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